Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ready to knit

Tonight, I wound my little skein of yarn into a center-pull ball from which I can knit.

I used the nostepinne I bought this summer. It was my first time using it, and the ball turned out not too terrible for a first attempt. The top side looks good. I didn't get the hang of the bottom side until I was well into the process. It will still work for knitting, though.

It was fun going back and seeing the first few yards I spun. At least it was fun in that "I'll never be able to use this part" sort of way. It's all tight, twisty, thin string. After the first class, Kay sent a link to this site, and I watched the second video several times until I understood how to hold the fiber and allow the twist to move up the yarn.

I carded most of the black wool today, and cannot wait to start spinning it. It is loaded up with lanolin, and I am curious to see if I can make a more consistent yarn now that I have had some experience.

commented, "This must be such a satisfying process for you." I can't say that I would want to take on spinning as a major hobby, but I have enjoyed getting some hands-on experience. Considering how clumsy we all felt after the first class, I'm very pleased with the last bit of yarn I spun wound onto a ball, moderately consistent in size and twist. It looks like yarn ought to look, so yes, that is satisfying.

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Aser said...

I don't really have a desire to knit, but the nostepinne looks positively fascinating. Perhaps I could transfer my kitchen string from the card it's wrapped around to a center-pull ball...