Saturday, October 15, 2005

Katie is This Many Years Old

We acquired Katie slightly used, and don't know her exact birthday. The vet estimated she was between six and seven months old when we got her. He did some math, and declared her birthday to be October 15, 2002.

I wanted to take a beautiful birthday picture of her, but she has been a brat and most unwilling to sit still or look fetching. You know what she looks like, and if you don't, just scroll down a bit.

In fiber news: I spun the last of the pretty roving. I put another six rows on the cashmere lace scarf. It has been neglected because the green sweater is now ready for the yoke and sleeves, and I would like to finish it for winter. I started knitting some hot pink wrist warmers. These are at the instigation of the knitters at NaNoWriMo, who noted that Chris Baty (sigh) recommends having a special item of clothing just for novel writing. The last I saw of Katie, she was sitting on the wrist warmer pattern. Fortunately, the pattern is mostly ribbing and does not require much of my attention until the very end.

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