Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where's FEMA?

As you may know, I am vacationing at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. One of the challenges of attending a week-long outdoor event in Kansas is trying to predict what kind of weather to prepare for. This is the report of my first 36 hours here.

It was hot on Tuesday as I drove down. When I arrived at the campground Tuesday afternoon, it looked like there was some weather coming from the southwest. And come it did, with lightening, thunder, and rain. Once it passed us, we were able to take a good look at the cloud from the back side.

It cleared off so we could see the gibbous moon.

Wednesday was uneventful, and more of our fellow campers arrived. There was rain again Wednesday night. We woke up Thursday morning to this.

The damage was done. No sense in worrying about it until after coffee time.

This culvert separates us from the rest of the world, and from the portapotties. Apparently we had 1.7 inches of rain yesterday, the highest in the state. You can see that the water has already subsided some. The mud, of course, persists.

Suitably fortified with caffeine, the menfolk started by dumping the water.

And in short order they had the wayward cabana restored to its original glory.

That done, Roy P. (that’s him on the left) and I headed into town for some coffee and internet access at College Hill Coffee. It's a nice little place in one of Winfield's lovely old houses, and warm and dry to boot. The staff is friendly and not the least bit preturbed by having muddy, smelly people take up residence.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you are all alive and well. I watched the weather last night and thought it was going to miss you all. If those guys can be wrong, I can be wrong.

We had a brief shower this morning at recess time - figures. The sun has come out and everything is sparkling. It looks as if the temps are going to climb a bit into Saturday but nothing like last year.

I talked to Loren this morning and the pictures look about the way he described things.

I think our motto needs to be "Winfield - the family reunion with just the ones you like." I'll leave it to you to post on the Abilene2Winfield site.

See you as soon as I can get there tomorrow evening. I don't know when Elizabeth and Christine are going down but will give you all fair warning. They will probably go down in the morning.

About caling FEMA - to quote Garrison Kiellor "The way the government has handled the hurrican crisis has led me not to believe in either evolution or intelligent design".

See you tomorrow ---- Anna

Alex said...

Predictably, my first thought is: "Say, that thundercloud would make a great Peek of the Week!"

Hazardous storms, dangerous terrain, indigenous cultural festivals, the smell of unwashed bodies... sounds like something straight out of an H. Rider Haggard adventure.

You're having a good vacation!

More about the food.

Cheryl said...

Alex, you have nailed the ambiance perfectly - although it did briefly warm up to the point where I could take a shower yesterday. Of course, you are welcome to any of my pix as peex.