Thursday, September 08, 2005

Self portrait with grasshopper

Monday, this little fellow rode on my car windshield as I drove to the office. I admired his resolve, and fretted that he would not last long if he disembarked in a downtown metropolitan parking garage. There's not too much foliage around there, other than discarded cigarette butts.

Amazingly, when I left work three hours later, he was still waiting patiently on the car. I fretted again as we drove home, careful not to make any sudden moves that might cause him to blow off. Not to worry. He survived the trip, and even stayed put while I dashed inside to get the camera so I could take a picture of us together.

Here is a closer look at him, without the distraction of spotty windows and my reflection.

Even closer up, you can see his red eyes and the feet that can grip glass at 35 mph.

1 comment:

Aser said...

Brrrrrr. Having a grasshopper stare at me all the way to work and back would give me nightmares forever!