Sunday, January 08, 2012

This week in faces

This week, I took Carla Sonheim's online art class, Faces 101. Carla is the author of Drawing Lab, and the class utilized several of the projects from the book, with the goal of getting you to draw 101 faces during the week, using different media and techniques, before you realized that you had done something you were sure you could not do. (That's my interpretation of the goal, not her words. She says it is about trying lots of things and discovering your own personal style. But chacun son goût, and YMMV.)

On the Tuesday, I was tooling around the web, looking for interesting portraits I could used as inspiration for that day's project, and ran across a lovely picture of Sarah Bernhardt. From that, I created this:


When I saw that finished picture, I was completely hooked. I'm still sort of stunned to realize, "I did that myself!" I've been drawing and painting and pastel-ing every spare moment since then. Some stuff came out well, some not so much, but it has been fun trying new things. You can see more of my creations here.

I've already signed up for the Imaginary Creatures class, coming up in a couple of weeks. Until then, faces, faces, and more faces.

Speaking of being amazed with myself, and of faces... Anyone remember the group that Rod Stewart was with in the early 70s, before he went solo? Here are the Faces, covering "Maybe I'm Amazed". (See what I did there? Oh, yeah.)


Bernie said...

Not sure how much is attributable to Faces 101, but I loved your "Silent Screen in Ink" collection as well as "Women's Portraits" and "Navaho Man."

Really cool work.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, B.

Alexandra said...

That was really amazing, Cheryl. The variety of mediums and techniques was interesting, but the way they interacted with you was amazing! Some of those styles really resonated with your hand and eye. I'm madly jealous.

I completely agree with your "Hot Artist Stuff" assessment. I'm glad you've been drawing/painting/art-ing like mad ever since. Looking forward to seeing more!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Alex. My unsophisticated analysis only contains concepts like Cool, Fun, Hard, and Icky. I appreciate your more nuanced assessment.