Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bread time

I stopped by the grocery store today to get some chicken for dinner. Of course, I had to go to the back of the store for the chicken, and I returned to the front via the baking aisle.

Bernie and Sand have been carrying on for awhile now about Bernie's new-found bread baking skills, and that, plus the drizzly, foggy weather today, gave me a hankering for home-baked bread. I haven't seen the magazine that is fanning B's bakerman flames, but I was a 4-H-er, and I know a few things about bread.
  1. You can make bread with just yeast, sugar, flour, and water.
  2. And heat.
  3. Yeast packets have recipes on the back.
  4. Each box of yeast packets will have a variety of recipes, not the same one on every packet.
So since I was already in the baking aisle, I started flipping over packets, and  before long I found Whole Wheat Batter Bread. It uses whole wheat flour only, and T and I both like our whole grain bread on the chewy side. It is completely prepared in a mixing bowl - no need for kneading, which I usually find tedious. It sounded easy to prepare, and indeed it was.

I ended up with a nice, dense loaf. I think a little kneading might have lightened it up a bit, but it is good and edible just the way it is. I can't wait to slap some butter and jam on it tomorrow morning.

Also at the grocery store, I saw Girl Scouts selling cookies. Girl Scout cookies in January. What is the world coming to?

Off the top of my head, I don't know any songs about baking, but I do know one about someone named Bernie. The video doesn't really have anything to do with the song. Just close your eyes and enjoy the genius that is Dave Frishberg.


Alexandra said...

How lucky to live with someone who likes whole wheat, too. Someone who doesn't malign your fondness for whole wheat. Or mock your recipes. Or set your loaves of whole wheat bread on fire.

That recipe looks healthy and delicious. I'd try it, but I'd have no one to share it with. When you enjoy it for breakfast, also take a moment to savor the lack of social censure.

Cheryl said...

I made garlic bread from this bread tonight. After eating a slice of it, I really wasn't in much of a mood for pasta. It's very filling.

Bernie said...

Loved the song Cheryl, thank you. You may however take my advice and ignore the hormonally induced comments from the pregnant lady. We have never once set her bread on fire.

It may have once or twice spontaneously ignited, but hey, that's not our fault, is it?