Friday, December 16, 2011


 T had a meeting at a coffee shop this morning, so I took my sadly-neglected sketch book for entertainment. I've seen a couple of things recently about drawing with your non-dominant hand, and decided to give it a go with an old and ornate chair in the shop.


It is a modified contour drawing. In a contour drawing, you look at the subject, not the paper, and draw with a continuous line. I glanced at the paper occasionally to make sure I was close to the right spot, and allowed myself to move the pen to different places sometimes.

We have Sirius XM in the car, and one of the classical music stations goes all Christmas-y in December. It's good stuff, too - not a Bieber or a Mariah in sight. Yesterday, they played John Rutter's Shepherd's Pipe Carol, which is a song I always look forward to hearing. I love how happy and lilting it is. I would join any choir I knew was going to sing this.

The song may be unfamiliar to you, so here is a link to the lyrics.


Alexandra said...

Our little choir would fill that song with lead until it was a dirge. (We're like that.)

What a lovely chair! What lovely Christmasy thoughts!

Cheryl said...

If your choir could see the conductor at 2:20, I think they would pep it up. So joyous!

Thanks for your unflagging support of my artistic bibelots.