Thursday, August 25, 2011

New to the Girl Cave

Katie checks it out by chaimann
Katie checks it out, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
Last weekend, I bought a spinning wheel. I've been spinning on spindles for a few years now, so I knew I liked the process. I had already been thinking about finding a wheel, and then an unexpected windfall showed up, and... What do you know? My half of the windfall was just a few dollars less than the price of a Schacht Ladybug, which was high on my list of "well-regarded wheels that I can afford and which are carried at the nearest fiber shop". So, I picked up my friend Sue for enabling support, and we went shopping.

The first couple of days with the wheel were really frustrating. It's a machine, after all, with quite a few moving parts that affect how it performs. That first day, if it didn't pull hunks of unspun fiber right out of my hands, then it twisted it into a kinked mess. I bugged people on Ravelry, looked at books, and Googled problems I didn't know how to describe. Every day, I tweaked things and tried again. Today, I finally got something approaching the kind of yarn I know I can make on a spindle.

Today was also the first day that Katie decided to come closer and check out the wheel. Surely that is a good omen.


Aunt Nelda said...

That is so cool. And, I'm really proud of you. I'll stick to making cards.

Bernie said...

How very interesting. When do you start full scale production of your new boutique line of "Yarns by Cheryl?" Will they be in stores in time for Christmas? Do you have a celebrity spokesperson chosen yet? Will you be moving any of your production facilities off shore?

Alexandra said...

I am fascinated and envious. Is the next step for Katie to get a long-haired sister, who will then be the source of a steady supply of cat hair socks and sweaters?