Friday, August 19, 2011

Four houses

Four houses by chaimann
Four houses, a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
My friends Alex and Lillian have been doing art projects together. They'll pick a photo of an art object, and then they will both reproduce it.

Recently, Lillian picked a photo of a really cool building, and I couldn't resist taking a crack at it myself.


Bernie said...

Totally cool, Cheryl. Lillian will be proud of you.

Alexandra said...

John and I both squeee-ed with delight. Lillian will love it! She'll be so delighted!

Also: I am jealous of your awesome cabana-sketching skillz.

Alexandra said...

Update: Lillian said, "Cool!! ...her house is better than ours," and John said, "Obviously, Cheryl was not weakened by first doing an hour of math homework!"


Cheryl said...

Tell Lillian I think ALL of them are cool, and she has a good eye for picking interesting pictures. I hope you kids post more of these so I can play along.

Tell John I spent most of the day wrestling with IT issues, which is not much different from math homework.