Monday, March 08, 2010

Ah, homeownership!

Remember when I posted that a deer was spending hours hanging around our shed, and I wondered if it was sick or injured? And it finally wandered off?

Well, it came back, and it ain't wandering off this time.

I opened the blinds when I got home from work, and there was the deer lying in the classic dead-deer position, at the usual spot in front of the shed. T went out and checked, and it is indeed dead.

Then we hemmed and hawed about what to do. I mean, you can't just bag up a dead deer like you can a groundhog. Fortunately, a little web searching turned up a city number we could call, and they have a contractor that will come pick up dead animals.

The contractor called to ask questions about the corpse in question. Where is it? Will one person be able to move it? T replied, just a tad brusquely, to the second question, "I don't know. I've never had to move a deer."

They are supposed to come pick up the deer tomorrow. I hope so. Seeing it outside my window harshes my vibe.

In other "news", if you want to call it that, Friday marked five years that I have had this blog. As you can see, it has languished recently. It seems like there is always some new shiny spot on the intrawebs battling for attention. It's easy to dump a bunch of photos on Flickr, or make a quick comment on Facebook, but it misses some of the narrative storytelling that is possible in a blog.

We hear about kids having shorter attention spans because of the fast pace at which information can move, but I see myself in that, as well. I've been thinking about how I can slow down a bit, and give more attention to quality than to quantity. Maybe this is a place to start.


Alexandra said...

I used Facebook for several months before realizing how annoying it was and how much I missed blogging.

I agree with you that a blog inspires more careful thought. It's the difference between leaving someone a post-it note and writing them a letter.

As Nancy Mitford proved, letter writing can (and should be) an art form in and of itself.

I much prefer reading people's blog posts. Much, much, much.

And, cheerily enough, there have been some fun updates to the technology while I have blinked and looked away. Like Christmas!

Keep on blogging, Cheryl.

Alexandra said...

Also, the dead deer in your yard is creepy. What did you do?

Or maybe it's a mark of honor. Maybe all of them will come for one last peek in your window and nibble at your landscaping before they pass into that great Cornfield In The Sky. If this is going to become a regular thing, perhaps you should develop some type of pomp and ceremony for the occasion.

Janice said...

I am all about the slow down life style. I have devoted my blog to the concept. Somehow we have become convinced that we must multi-task constantly. I tend to take lessons from the great women of our past. Enjoying the tasks of life one at a time.