Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring, part 2

I'm in ur backyard, huntin ur wormz.

See there on the upper right? We still have a little dab of snow. Don't know about worms, though.

Since I got a super-sekrit LiveJournal account, I've pretty much stopped putting memes on this blog. This one was a little more thoughtful, though, so I thought I would share it here. I don't tag. If you like it, swipe it. It's a free internet, mostly.


Open the drawer closest to your computer, pull out 10 things, and say what they are.

1. Small Fiskars scissors with super-pointy tips.

2. Some cash that needs to go to the bank.

3. A Cross pen and pencil set that T gave me shortly after we got married, so I would have something with my new name on it.

4. A tiny sculpture of two old Chinese men playing what is supposedly Chinese Chess, although it looks more like Go to me. I purchased it a porcelain factory near Guangzhou during a whirlwind tourist visit to Southern China 20+ years ago.

5. A promotional giveaway calculator with my dad's name on it.

6. A promotional ruler from the Kansas Livestock Association and Kansas CowBells. I probably got this at the Kansas State Fair when I was a kid in 4-H.

7. A USB number pad to use with the laptop. Extremely useful when preparing taxes.

8. A picture of our late cat, Zeb.

9. Two canisters of film.

10. A little plastic doohickey that holds a roll of stamps. I rarely use stamps these days, and certainly not often enough to justify buying 100 at a time, so I threw it away, and selected...

New 10. A pocket magnifying glass purchased when my eyes went all wonky a couple of years ago.

Nothing Beats BEEF.

Of course, whenever there is a photo shoot, Katie wants to get in on the fun.

Action shot!

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