Saturday, December 01, 2007

Weird weather we're having

We started getting weather alerts on Thursday about the ice storm coming on Saturday. T and I were both off today, so we planned to hunker down at home with a pot of chili.

I heard it raining and sleeting when I woke up. That continued all morning, interspersed with occasional bits of snow.

We didn't bring the newspaper in until noon. By then, it was buried in the stuff.

It warmed above freezing in the late afternoon, and we decided to try going out for dinner. Our side street was still mucky, but the main roads were just wet, not icy. Parking lots still had a lot of slushy gunk, though. It was like walking through a Slurpee.

And yes, this is excellent weather for knitting - but I didn't take any pictures.

November is over, and so is NaNoWriMo for another year. This year (ta da!) I'm a Loser. I'm certainly not going to play the "I'm a winner just for trying" card. The requirements for winning are clearly spelled out, and I did not achieve them.

I'm not really upset that I lost, though. I knew going into November that there were a couple of extenuating circumstances that would make it tough to write 50,000 words. I did write just a hair under 20,000, which is still a nice hunk of writing. I went to a couple of write-ins each week, including one last night. I got to know some of the local Wrimos better. Most amazing, I unearthed some characters and situations that I would like to keep working with. Since I Don't Write Fiction, this is breaking new ground for me. So for those reasons, I consider the month's attempt a success.

Katie has her annual check up with the vet next week. I hope Dr. Lisa doesn't notice the laser implant in her left eye.

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dragon knitter said...

i gave up when my mom went in the hospital. i got about 5000 words, ugh. and such a funky story, too! i may keep working on it, since it's christmas oriented, lol (santa and the metrosexual summer, lol)