Sunday, December 16, 2007

[L a s t] [w e e k ' s] [w e a t h e r]

We had rain. We had ice. We had sleet. We had snow. We didn't have it as badly as some folks. Our power stayed on, and our trees stayed mostly upright.

A couple of days later, the sun came out and the ice glistened prettily.

Each day, the snow in our yard showed new animal tracks - deer, rabbits, squirrels, and who knows what else.

Off topic: I was involved in an online discussion recently about various types and sizes of memory cards. For the benefit of those involved, here is a picture showing the relative sizes. From left: xD card, USB drive (this particular one is a converter for the micro SD), SD card (also a converter), micro SD. The micro SD fits into the back of my cell phone, and the converters allow me to move the data (pictures, usually) to my computer. I need to do that one of these days, so you can see my picture of the back of Hillary Clinton's head.

[edited 26 April 2008 - I tweaked the title because I've been getting hits daily from people who really want to know how the weather has been. Not that I mind having them stop by, but it seems cruel to disappoint so many seekers.]

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Lydia said...

Hey, I know those toys!

I found it easier to take my mini-SD to the local Longs Pharmacy's photo department and play with their system. Afterwards for 2.99 (less with coupons) I get a disc that I then save on computer and have in case computer goes bye-bye.

Ice storms are cool from a distance.