Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm slacking

Why no posts recently? Because everything is undone. Several bits of knitting are in progress, but not done. I'm sucking wind at Script Frenzy. Work is in upheaval - mostly planned upheaval, with some unplanned, yet positive upheaval on top of it. It's good, but still stressful.

I still haven't downloaded the pictures I took a week ago when T and I took a brief vacation. That's how distracted I am right now.

But get this - I'm reading a book. Yeah, reading took a hit when I started knitting, but I saw one last weekend (while knitting at the bookstore, ironically) that captured my attention. The book is "The Girls" by Lori Lansens. It's a fictional autobiography of conjoined twin sisters. It has really captured me.

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dragon knitter said...

thank you! i love book recommendations. i'm a voracious reader (i knit and read at the same time), and i'm always looking for new books.