Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Howie comes to town

Monday night, we were delighted to play host to Piker Press West Coast Editor and maid of all work, Sand. She is driving cross country with her husband, Bernie, and dog, Howie, both of whom are charmingly well-behaved.

I don't know if Howie actually remembered us from our visit to his house, but his cautious phase was very brief, and soon gave way to his wandering around, sniffing us and our things. The only thing he didn't get to sniff was Katie. She took one look and dived under the bed, where she stayed until That Thing was gone. Even Tuesday morning, after they were back on the road, she avoided me, the traitor who allowed That Thing into her home. She's over it now, though.

Work. I don't usually talk about work here, and I won't now, other than to say that there is a lot of stuff going on. Good stuff, planned stuff, but changes nonetheless. Today, I move to my new office and they start installing new equipment. Tomorrow, I get a new boss. Next week, if not sooner, we take on some new business, and we are pitching for other new business. It's exciting, but still stressful.

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