Saturday, January 27, 2007

Four socks and a frog

Flush from having finished two pairs of socks last weekend, I was eager to dive into some new projects.

I wanted to try some new techniques and patterns, so I decided to try knitting two socks on two circular needles.

It seems like a good idea in theory. You knit both socks at the same time, so when you are done, you are really done with the pair. But holy cow, what a fiddley mess, with strings and cables going everywhere. I may give it another inch of practice, but I find it extremely unlikely that I will finish these socks in this manner. I don't dislike double points, but I'm pretty sure I could learn to dislike this method without too much trouble.

What's the antidote to a fussy sock? A simple sock, in heavier yarn, for fast 'n' easy knitting.

I got this yarn from the Lime & Violet Etsy shop. It is handspun, using roving in the colorway Nebula from Knitterly Things. The picture doesn't do justice to how gorgeous the colors are - orange and gold with bits of purple. I love it, and I love the quick results I get with heavier yarn and massive size three needles.

Next, I needed to cast on some of the Socks That Rock yarn I bought last summer, and see if the stories I've heard about it were true.

It's twue! It's twue! [/Lili Von Schtupp] The yarn feels great. I am sort of wondering what I was thinking about with the colorway, Aline. I'm sure I was seduced by the gorgeous turquoise. (Again, the picture doesn't do it justice.) But the orange, yellow, and brown? Eh, not so crazy about those. I'm making the web-famous Jaywalker sock. I believe I am the last knitter on the interweb to cast on a pair of these, and it is a fun, easy pattern.

So there are the four new socks on the needles. And here is the frog.

The faithful will remember that this pair of socks has been in progress since long before I started the blog. I finally decided this week that I was never going to love the lace pattern on the first sock, and I should rip back the leg and try something else. I inserted brakes at the bottom of the leg, and started ripping.

(Toe-up tip: don't use the Elizabeth Zimmerman Stretchy Sewn Cast Off unless you are positive you are happy with the sock. It can't be ripped out, only picked out stitch by stitch.)

When I got to the safety sticks, I examined the foot, and realized it didn't match the other sock. It turns out I made the first sock with 60 stitches, to accomodate the five-stitch lace pattern, and the second sock on my customary 64 stitches.

Honestly, I am never surprised when these socks find yet another way to disappoint me. Out came the safety sticks. I ripped out the whole sock.

Is it possible for yarn to be cursed? I swear this yarn hates me. I think it is adorable, but something is always going wrong with it. I'm wondering if I should make a tiny voodoo sock and teach it a lesson. I'm afraid of what might happen, though, if that didn't work.

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