Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nurse Katie

Whenever I am away from home for a few days, Terry always reports that Katie misses me. He said she missed me when I was in the hospital, too.

So naturally, when I returned home, she welcomed me by doing all of those thoughtful things kitties do. You know, following me into the kitchen so I can give her a drink of fresh water, waiting while I haul myself out of the easy chair - so she can steal it, dashing around wildly where I am trying to walk, walking across the incision.

Hogging the ottoman so I can't put my feet up:

Her newest trick: drinking the water from my mug. She will use her paw, or she will stick her whole face in there to see if she can reach the water with her tongue.

The doctor wants me to move around while I recuperate. Since I have to go get a new cup of water whenever she does this, that may be her way of helping me after all.

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