Sunday, March 06, 2011

Katie at rest

100_2683 by chaimann
100_2683 a photo by chaimann on Flickr.
I took off my sweater and folded it up. Before I could put it away, someone adopted it. You can't see it, but she is also lying on the iPod earbuds. I'm flattered that she wanted to be near me, but she always finds the most inconvenient way possible to do it.


Alexandra said...

This is a feline art form. It keeps the humans humble and in their place.

Yesterday, Lillian borrowed a cardboard box and then came back to us in a huff, saying: "I made a Barbie house, but Fourmyle moved in!"

Given that your sole purpose is to amuse and/or otherwise please the cat, you should feel deeply fulfilled.

Bernie said...

What Alex said.

Tweetywill said...

I can't believe how much Katie looks like our Snicklefritz - as if they were litter mates! They also seem to have some of the same personality traits. I shall have to see if I can get her to come out of her hiding place for a photo so that I can show you.

Also, what Alex and Bernie said. The earth is a laboratory, and we are the lab mice. Cats just want to guage our reaction to various stimuli, such as the stomping up the stairs in the middle of the night as if they are a 200 pound intruder and not a 2 pound furball. It amuses them. We have served our purpose.