Saturday, March 28, 2009

The coming of spring

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We had some lovely spring days last week, and some lovely spring rains. The finches are going crazy with their turf wars or mating or whatever it is. This year, they found a little nook over the kitchen window for their nest. The grass is greening up. The lilac buds are sending out tiny leaves, which made a nice little basket to catch today's snow.

In rogue cat news, we haven't seen Shed Kitty for a couple of weeks. I hope s/he is just out walkabout, and not the victim of a car or a jerk that doesn't like black cats.

FYI for commenters: I turned on moderation because I was getting spammed. I don't need insurance in Australia, and I don't think most of you do, either.


Aser said...

Cheryl, I think it is incumbent upon me to inform you and your readers that Australian insurance can cause local global warming, speeding up the arrival of spring flowers on an average of 13.5 hours. You may be missing an awesome chance.

Tweetywill said...

Greetings Friend!
I am approaching you with most humble of hearts and gratitude for your most generous of spirits to offer a business proposition of mutual benficiary to yourself and your humble servant. All you need to do is send me $500 via Western Gram and I will have my solicitor get in touch with you with further details...

I promise it has NOTHING to do with Australian insurance!

Jon said...

I think I'll be the judge of what sort of insurance I need, and in or from which countries I need it, thank you very much.