Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Houseplant 911!

This pathetic specimen showed up in my office today.

The stalk is nice and green, and tied to a support stick. It has a couple of little sprouts of new growth down low. You can see one of them below the lower tie. The pot is probably about 8 inches.

So... What is it, and what should I do about it?


Aser said...

Your dracaena would love to have a change of potting soil and some stuff called "Super Thrive". You could even cut it off just a bit above the new sprout if you wanted to, to encourage it to grow out instead of up.

Cheryl said...

A coworker assures me that a new pot and "cheap fertilizer from Wal-mart" will do the trick.

dragon knitter said...

a bigger pot might not hurt either!