Thursday, February 14, 2008

V Day

T and I went out for dinner last night, "to beat the Valentine rush", he said.

Then we went out again tonight, to a neighborhood restaurant near our church, after I had my second tai chi lesson.

I had leftovers from both, so I can feel the love all weekend long.

I really like the tai chi class. We also do some qigong at the beginning, sort of as a warm up. I think if I can remember the movements long enough that I can practice them consistently, it will loosen up my back and shoulders. I'll try to practice every day, and see if the massage therapist can tell a difference next week.


dragon knitter said...

did you feel the love at PT as well? i got away with 2 balls of cashsoft baby (making a hat for sean, lol). the thing said they were $11.95 each, but joe only charged me $8.50! now i gotta find my size 3 circs and get started, lol.

and did your friend order a t-shirt yet, lol?

Cheryl said...

You say love, I say enabling. Whatev. They stayed open late for us, and Joe told us how nice we all are, etc., etc.

I was doing okay (just one skein of Comfort for a chemo cap) until I got to the Malabrigo lace, and saw the beautiful scarf swatch there, and then found the pattern for said scarf. Eep!