Sunday, November 18, 2007

November livestock report

My NaNoWriMo writing is going very slowly. Not badly, mind you. The writing is somewhat promising. It just takes forever to get the words down on paper. I'm not out yet, but I am in the "screw Thanksgiving and write 5000 words a day" neighborhood.

To make matters worse, as I was staring out of the window yesterday, I saw Chuckie, and what little concentration I had flitted away as I watched him. He was furiously eating and grooming, alternating with basking in the sun, but by the time I got outside with the camera, he was ready to skedaddle back under the shed and start hibernating.

A few hours later, we were having chilly rains, and snow is in the forecast for mid-week. See you next spring, Chuckie!

As long as I was outside, I looked for the finch nest. After the trek into the wrong neighborhood earlier this year, the finches packed up and moved to the suburbs, aka the middle lilac bush. Now that the leaves are gone, I can see where exactly they have been living.

Meanwhile, Katie found some wildlife of her own.

See it there?

When it gets cool, the ladybugs start heading inside. Their combination of slow walking plus noisy flight tantalizes Katie no end. I knocked this one out of the lampshade to a safer location - safer for the lamp, anyway. She's wrecked more than one lampshade by crawling into it to swat at something, and knocking the whole mess over.

Once the bug lost her interest, Katie resumed mellowness, reposing in Terry's chair where she can be near me, but not too near.

Coming in the next edition of Get A Grip On It: Yarn! Knitting! Spinning! And with any luck, an amazing and inspiring come-from-behind flurry of NaNoWriMo writing.

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