Saturday, September 29, 2007

Surprise and delight

T and I went out for lunch at a nearby deli. As I was waiting in line to order my sandwich, I noticed that one of the women in front of me looked familiar. I caught up with her again at the cash register, and said her name. She turned around and said, "Oh! It IS you!" She invited us to join them, which we did, and had a delightful visit.

We were friends in college, and for awhile we lived across the hall from each other in the same apartment building. Then she moved out of state, and I hadn't seen her for, gosh, close to twenty years. She and her partner moved back to Iowa to be closer to their aging parents.

And here is the kicker. She works two blocks from my office. What an amazing world.

This evening, T and I went to my co-worker's wedding. She is a fiend about organization, and it paid off. Everything was tasteful and beautiful without being ostentatious. The one thing that went wrong was really out of her control - the limo had a flat between the church and reception hall.

And bless her heart, she made sure that the whole event was kid-friendly, since a lot of their friends had toddlers. At the entry area to the reception, there was a basket with crayons and coloring books and Gummi candy for the young 'uns. (Bags of caramel corn for the adults, too.) She made the books herself, with clip art of wedding things. They were brilliant, and the kids had a great time coloring while we waited, and waited, for the limo to arrive so we could eat.

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