Thursday, May 10, 2007

Storm at Sea

This week is the Mother's Day issue of the Piker Press. One of my pictures accompanies my contribution to the article, Reminds Me Of My Mother.

One of the items in the picture is a quilted wall hanging that my mom made for me. Here it is, unfurled and displayed by KnightStar:

I love all of of the motion in that design. If I did hard drugs, this would be the thing I contemplated for hours on end.

Speaking of arty things, what is more dramatic than the Sphinx?

1 comment:

Goody said...

Guess at long last I'll de-lurk and say hello.

That pattern of the girl with the bonnet and calico dress with the wheat...I have the identical little girl glued onto a board that I made in Girl Scouts in 1976. I'm guessing the troop leader and your mother were working from the same pattern that must have made its way through the midwest.

In fact, the board was a Mother's Day gift we were instructed to make that had a lock of my hair glued to stick out from the bonnet. It read:
"When I was a Girl Scout in '76, a lock of my hair looked like this."

Anyway, it was fun to see that pattern again.