Thursday, August 31, 2006

Garbo stays home

My eye troubles, which have been dormant for a dozen years or so, flared up recently. Essentially, I have macular degeneration, but I got it from a cause other than old age. If you really care about the details, follow the links.

What I have - CNMV
What caused it - POH

Anyway, I had a treatment today that I have not had before. In a nutshell, they shot me up with drugs and then shined a soft laser (cold laser, they call it sometimes) in the eye to activate the drug. Again if you want to know more, click through.

What Visudyne does
How Visudyne works

The main side effect of the drug is photosensitivity. I must avoid the sun for three days. They were very specific about making sure I had long sleeves, long pants ,and a wide-brimmed hat. They gave me the stylish shades and the cloth to cover my face and hands while I was in the car. I felt like a reclusive movie star.

I'm ready for my close up, Mr DeMille.

Until Sunday, I am restricted to indoors during daylight hours. Long days of naps and knitting and DVDs - the sacrifices I make for my health.


Aser said...

Hmm. The last link said you should be avoiding sunlight or bright indoor light for 5 days. I'm glad the condition is treatable, though.

Anonymous said...

Ok...if this doesn't work email me and I will find out what dad's new treatment it.

5 days is more accurate!


Chet said...

Listen to what the doctor says!

All the best.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, guys. Sorry to be late reading these, but for some reason, Blogger only pings me periodically with new messages.